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About Us

Conti, an Italian-origin brand, has a history of more than 40 years in the sector. Following the acquisition of Conti Electrical Home Appliances under the DIGICOM group of companies in 2010, it has been moving on with a focus on innovative and quality manufacturing.

Conti, which brings together technology and design, aims at providing its users with quality service by growing stronger thanks to the manufacturing skills and broad sales and technical service network of Digicom. Conti Electrical Home Appliances serves in 6 different categories to make the lives of the consumers easier. It expands its range of products everyday by creating state-of-the-art and innovative products.

Conti, which aims not only to make life easier with practical and high-performance products, but also to make the housework fun, takes firm steps towards being a brand in demand both in Turkey and in the world with its quality products having impressive designs.

Conti designs, develops and manufactures its products in its own factories in a complete integrated way. Conti adopts customer satisfaction as a principle and its service quality reaches the top rank with the principle of quality technical service for the solutions of the problems that the consumers may face. The trend-tracking team of Conti invests highly and continuously in Research & Development at its office located in Hong Kong, one of the technology bases of technology.

Conti, which has proven its success in Turkey in terms of manufacturing and marketing of electrical home appliances, are recognized as a “global brand” and preferred in many corners of the world from South America to Far East with its investments for export.

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