Warranty Conditions

1) The warranty period starts from the date of delivery and warranty period is 2 years.

2) The whole product, including all its parts, is under warranty.

3) When it is understood that the good is defective, the consumer may exercise one of the following rights of choice as per the Article 11 of the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502;

a) Rescinding the contract,
b) Requesting a discount from the sale price,
c) Requesting a free of charge by repair,
d) Requesting a replacement of the defective good with a defect free one.

4) In case the consumer chooses the right of free of charge by repair, the seller is liable in repairing the good or having the good repaired without asking any fee under the name of workmanship, replaced part fee or any other fee. The consumer may use the right of free of charge by repair against the manufacturer or importer as well. Seller, manufacturer and importer are jointly and severally liable for the use of this right of the consumer.

5) Despite the use of the right of free of charge by repair by the consumer, in the event that - the good gets defective again within the warranty period, - it is reported by the authorized service station, seller, manufacturer or importer that repair is not possible,

the consumer may request from the seller the refund of the good, a discount from the price in proportion to the defect or replacement of the good with a defect-free one, if possible. In the event this demand is not fulfilled, seller, manufacturer and importer are jointly and severally liable.

6) Repair period of the good is 20 business days. This period starts within the warranty period on the

date the defect is reported to the authorized service station or seller and outside the warranty period from the date the good is delivered to the authorized service station. In the event that the troubleshooting does not take place within 10 business days, the seller or importer must allocate another good with similar features to the consumer until the repair of the good is completed. In case of the failure of the product within the warranty period the time for repair will be added to the warranty period.

7) Errors occurred due to the use of the product against the manual are not covered under warranty.

8) The consumer can apply to the consumer arbitration commissions and consumer courts in the place of residence or where the consumer procedures have taken place concerning the use of rights arising from the warranty.

9) The consumer can apply to the Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance of the Ministry of Customs and Trade in case this warranty certificate is not given.

The warranty does not cover the below-mentioned aspects:

1- In case of incompliance with the recommendations and conditions mentioned in the user manual of the good.

2- Scratches and damages occurred in the product due to external effects following the delivery of the product to the consumer (dropping, hitting etc.)

3- Use of wrong electrical installation.

4- In case of an attempt of a repair or alteration of the device by a person excluding the authorized service staff of Digicom Elektronik Pazarlama A.Ş. before consulting the authorized service for the guaranteed repair, the consumer should inform Digicom Elektronik Pazarlama A.Ş. or the manufacturing company in written or on the phone about the conflicts between the consumer and the service stations.